The Liver Detox: Raisin Water

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

“Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver.” – William James

Aside from the skin, the liver is the largest organ in the body. It has over five hundred vital functions, some of which include detoxifying the blood, processing fat, breaking down hormones and storing essential vitamins and minerals.

After a gluttonous weekend away, my poor liver needed a boost. It's not only alcohol that can cause damage to the liver, modern living can put a strain on the functioning of the liver too, including:

- Excess sugar

- Overeating

- Trans fats (found in some processed and fried foods)

- Salt

- Environmental pollutants

- Stress

- Smoking

...and I almost hit the whole criteria.

Introducing: Raisin Water

I first heard about raisin water whilst staying at an ashram in India last year. My teacher spoke of the many benefits you could gain simply by drinking water infused with raisins... After scouring the internet to check out the claims, it turns out this ancient formula has been found by experts to stimulate certain biochemical processes that help the liver more effectively remove toxins from the bloodstream. The method of soaking the raisins helps to release antioxidants and reduces the levels of sugar.

Some of the benefits of raisin water include...

1. A Natural Source of Anti-Oxidants

The antioxidants and bioflavonoids found in raisin water accelerate the functions of the liver by ridding it of harmful toxins and protecting against free radical activity.

2. High in Iron

The iron content of raisin water is much more than several other iron-rich fruits and vegetables. By making raisin water a regular part of your diet, you can help to keep iron-deficiency anemia at bay.

3. Rich in Calcium & Baron

By increasing our calcium levels we promote bone health, protecting ourselves from conditions such as osteoporosis. Raisins also contain boron which helps to facilitate calcium metabolism.

4. Excellent For Digestive System

The fiber in raisins helps sweep out toxins and harmful materials from the digestive tract. This can protect people from intestinal diseases, bacterial growth, and discomfort from bloating. The nutrients in raisin water signal the body to secrete stomach acids which help to process food and absorb its nutrients.

It is recommended to follow this treatment for just four days once a month to improve your digestion and increase energy. If your digestive feels heavy, slow or painful, this would be the detox for you.

You will need:

- 250g of organic raisins (choose dark raisins)

- Water

- Bottle to store

1. Thoroughly rinse raisins in water

2. Add to a saucepan and add 1 litre of fresh water

3. Bring to the boil then simmer for 20 minutes

4. Remove the pan and leave the raisins to soak overnight

5. The next morning strain off the water and decant into a bottle

6. Drink around 150 - 200ml every morning over 4 days on an empty stomach. Wait 30 - 35 minutes before eating breakfast

The result - I was really impressed with how it aided my digestion, I felt much lighter and less sluggish after the 4 days. As someone at risk from iron deficiency, this is definitely a monthly habit I can benefit from. The water is sweet and tasty so it was easy to keep going with.