C O R P O R A T E  Y O G A

A recent study found that 57% of employees who said they were very stressed at work felt less productive and disengaged. Weekly yoga classes are a fun, effective and low-cost way to get employees moving more and stressing less. Click here for 5 ways you could benefit from yoga in the workplace.

What I offer: 


45 - 75 minute Vinyasa flow classes tailored to suit the needs of your employees.

Online or in-person.



Available to your office all day. This can involve client 121's, group classes or a combination of the two.


30 - 45 minute sessions from the comfort of your chair. Focused on posture and relieving aches and pains from prolonged sitting. 



Take some out of your day for some grounding meditation or some restorative Yoga Nidra. No change of clothes required. Yogi's state that  45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 3 hours deep sleep.

What People Say...

Anthony Miller

Rachel is an excellent Yoga teacher. She makes her classes very easy to follow and gives different difficulty levels of poses.

Yoga day is by far my favourite day of the week, and I’m always looking forward to the next class.

Rachel Baker

I have never felt so comfortable and confident in a yoga session, being guided where to push myself, knowing where my limits were yet how they can be improved. Rachel is a brilliant guide through the moves and breathing. She corrected me so that I would get the benefit out of my body position. I loved that she would explain what each position and move was benefitting on your body. She had great routines that she would mix up dependent on what the class needed. I would highly recommend her.

Gilda Pereira

I absolutely love and recommend Rachel’s classes. I do it at lunch time and is the best way to break from the work routine.

Rachel has such a great and positive energy, I feel very relaxed and energised to carry on my day.

It’s also very rewarding when you start to see improvements.